Qualities of a good laptop bag

What you will learn:

  1. Which bag you should choose
  2. Qualities of leather
  3. Top grain leather
  4. Fake leather
  5. Hardware of the bag
  6. Style of the bag
  7. Size of the bag

Now a days everyone needs a bag to carry his laptop. Here in this article we are going to aware you about the qualities of a good laptop bag. So, the number one tip I can give a person when they are out looking to purchase a good quality computer bag is to look at the quality of the materials used. The one I am going to spend the most time talking about is leather. Yes, I know there are computer bags out there made from other materials that are not leather, but leather I find is the most common and is going to stand up to the test of time.

But, there is a wide variety of leather out there. I am going to talk about the three most common types you are going to see. So, we are going to see full grain, we are going to see top grain, and we are going to see genuine leather. Now, understand that leather is obviously the skin of an animal and most likely cattle. So, full grain if we start at the top of the spectrum is oftentimes the highest quality. It is the most desired and the reason being is it’s oftentimes the most durable. Now, I am saying oftentimes because there are variations. There are usually made of animal and some other stuff is used with it. But, in general, if you find a full grain computer bag and price is pretty high, you check it out and it is very malleable, looks good, it is coming from a reputable dealer. There are some computer bags that are going to cost anywhere from more than 500$ to well over 1000$ and it is usually because of the materials used, they are going to have to take it from and it mainly depends upon the qualities of a good laptop bag. So, if you take a single hide which can cost, you know, well over 100$, so just the cost of the materials can be 100$ to 200$ to go into this computer bag with a leather. You do not always have to go with full grain, although it is great and very durable, but you can also look at top grain.

What is top grain? That’s where they have actually shaved off the top. You are going to actually get a bit of the corium. So the corium is, and it is very actually pretty darn durable, but if you can imagine it is going to have larger fibers. It is going to have to go through a treating process. It is oftentimes going to be a bit more malleable softer. It will oftentimes be easily more penetrated by water, so not something that maybe it is going to be as protective, but you are going to get a discount usually in price and it is also going to make the bag look a little bit softer.

You are also going to see genuine leather and this is even when they are going to little bit lower and there is probable not much of the grain in that genuine leather, again, these terms are going to be all over. You are also going to see and this is a fourth term. It is not truly a leather rather is faux or faux leather however basically it is fake leather. Just mentioning this so that you can become aware of this kind also but it is not recommended by me. The thing to keep in mind is the main and basic driver of the cost is leather. So, just look at the leather when you go in and you spend the big money.

What is hardware? So, the hardware is all the other components, the zipper, the buckles and all the other things are included in it. When you are concentrating on the qualities of a good laptop bag, you are looking at the bag, think about what you are going to be using it for. If you are going to be using it on a daily basis, be careful of zippers, they are simply going to fail more often than a buckle. A buckle is going to last with you. So, look at the hardware. That is the other indicator that will tell you good quality and how it is attached.

So the other point is about the style of the bag. You might have seen many styles of the bags. But, you have to choose the style that is right for you. Some bags are designed to carry not just the laptop but may be some books and other documents can easily be carried away in those bags. So the design depends on your needs, interests and taste.

Another important thing about the bag is its size and it’s obvious that it mainly depends on the size of your laptop. If you are carrying a notebook, then, obviously you need a bag suitable for that. And here also taste and need is the main key in your choice.

Always try to buy or select the laptop bag from a place from where you have a lot of choice. A variety of bags will always help you to choose easily and you will have a broader view about your needs and economy.