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  • 27 Feb 2015
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    Get into Linux today! NoSQL: HOW TO GET STARTED WITH RIAK GET STARTED WITH LINUX! Blogging Get into Ghost How to install the next-gen blog platform Video streaming Linux Motion Build a secure home CCTV system ‘Optimising for happiness’ is kind of key to the Ruby community Wynn Netherland on looking after GitHub p44 Made read more..

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    Welcome actionURI( March 2015 LXF195 3 Who we are Neil Mohr Editor actionURI( actionURI( New Model Pi Army What we do We support the open source community by providing a resource of information, and a forum for debate. We help all readers get read more..

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    actionURI( 4 LXF195 March 2015 actionURI( Interview Wynn Netherland on how the web has changed p44 We’ve traded an open web in these last few years for more walled gardens Roundup: Scripting languages p20 Contents Reviews Don’t call it a comeback. TigerVNC gets a read more..

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    actionURI( March 2015 LXF195 5 News ............................. 6 Faster Raspberry, Pi! Pi! Also Ubuntu Core’s got its beady eye on IoT and Canonical teases details of its phone. Mailserver ................... 11 In this month’s news bag, some question the importance of Stallman while others offer other ways to erase a hard read more..

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    THIS ISSUE: Ubuntu Core Ubuntu Phone Mintbox Mini Bodhi Linux lives RASPBERRY PI New Raspberry Pi Model B unleashed! Raspberry Pi 2 Model B is six times faster than the previous model. Eben Upton launches the Raspberry Pi 2 Model B at The Shard in London. The Raspberry Pi 2: faster, more GPIO pins, backwards compatible and the same low read more..

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    Newsbytes Ubuntu Core wants to power the future INTERNET OF THINGS MOBILE Canonical's much anticipated début into the world of mobile operating systems is getting nearer to release, and as the launch date approaches we're getting ever more details about what we can expect when we fire up an Ubuntu Phone-powered device. Pleasantly, what we've heard so far read more..

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    EVOLVE OS BETA 1 PROXMOX 4.0 MAIL GATEWAY TINY CORE LINUX 6.0 4MLINUX 11.0 Hitting the mirrors What’s behind the free software sofa? The first ever beta of Evolve OS has been released, so if you want to check out this brand new Linux distro that's been built from scratch and don't mind a few bugs here and there, you now can. With a read more..

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    actionURI( March 2015 LXF195 11 Write to us at Linux Format, Future Publishing, Quay House, The Ambury, Bath, BA1 1UA or actionURI( Wipe Dban Thanks for the recent article about erasing hard drives. I was disappointed, though, to see the omission of nwipe. Some time read more..

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    Mailserver 12 LXF195 March 2015 actionURI( things have changed since then; usually making life far easier. The issue that always crops up is that ROMs, boot loaders and root files are model specific. As you mention it looks like the approach for the GTN7000 is to use the standard Recovery Bootloader and use read more..

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    Mailserver actionURI( March 2015 LXF195 13 Write to us Do you have a burning Linux- related issue you want to discuss? Want to let us know what inventive uses you’ve been finding for your Raspberry Pi, or suggest future content for the magazine? Write to us at Linux Format, Future Publishing, Quay House, The read more..

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    Linux user groups 14 LXF195 March 2015 actionURI( We are fast approaching the third birthday of the Raspberry Pi (Well, strictly speaking that won't happen until 2016 as the Raspberry Pi was released on February 29, 2012, but February 28 is a good compromise) and to celebrate the Raspberry Pi Foundation has read more..

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    Xxxxxxxxx Reviews actionURI( March 2015 LXF195 15 Rubberised edges on the lid protect the laptop from unexpected drops, and extra- thick bezel minimises damage to the LCD panel, while military- specification testing means the notebook can withstand extremes of pressure, humidity, vibration, temperature and airborne dust. Multitasking read more..

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    16 LXF195 March 2015 actionURI( Reviews Raspberry Pi expansion Verdict In brief... A Pi Compute Module-based board with a sub- GHz wireless tranceiver, a RTC and a thermal sensor. The board and schematics are open source so budding entrepreneurs and inventors are free to modify them. add the transceiver and read more..

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    actionURI( March 2015 LXF195 17 Web browser Reviews In brief... One of the most popular, feature rich cross- platform open source web browsers. See also: Chromium. To initiate a call, all you need to do is click the new Firefox Hello icon in the toolbar and then press the Start a conversation button. This read more..

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    18 LXF195 March 2015 actionURI( Reviews Remote desktop Verdict In brief... A remote desktop client and server that uses the VNC protocol. See also: Vino and Krfb/Krdc. seasoned network admin who's used to the ways of remote desktop. You can specify things, such as colour depth and compression level, choose an read more..

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    actionURI( March 2015 LXF195 19 Linux games Reviews In brief... A new sci-fi- themed entry into the Civilization series. Head an expedition and find a home beyond Earth, explore and colonise an alien planet and create a new civilisation in space. Beyond Earth’s many similarities to Civ 5 mask, to its detriment, read more..

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    Roundup Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Roundup Office suites 20 LXF195 March 2015 actionURI( Every admin loves time-saving shortcuts, and carries a selection of scripts from job to job, as well as inheriting new ones when arriving in post. The question any new admin asks is which is the best language to learn? (Followed by, read more..

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    Scripting languages Roundup March 2015 LXF195 21 The key questions are: how easy is the language to pick up? Are the learning resources at least adequate? Even if these two questions are answered in the positive, they still need to be backed up by a helpful community to assist you in quickly producing something useful, and help read more..

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    Roundup Scripting languages 22 LXF195 March 2015 actionURI( Web native scripts Get your admin scripts moving over HTTP. Much of a sysadmin's life has migrated to the web, so you'll need a scripting language that has kept pace. We examined both ease of writing our own code, and finding available solutions for doing read more..

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    Scripting languages Roundup actionURI( March 2015 LXF195 23 Perl 5 Perl was the first web CGI scripting language and has more or less kept pace with the times. It certainly has the libraries, and enough examples to learn from, but with no dominant solution you'll have to pick carefully. Catalyst, Dancer, and Mojolicious read more..

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    Roundup Scripting languages 24 LXF195 March 2015 actionURI( Python has excellent library support, with rival choices considered very carefully by the community before being included in the core language. The concern to “do the right thing” is evident in every decision, yet alternate solutions remain within easy reach. read more..

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    Scripting languages Roundup Next issue: anonymising distros actionURI( March 2015 LXF195 25 We can't help acknowledging Ruby's power and charms. the language, so you'll need to be prepared to back its use with plans to maintain the code yourself. Python is a powerful, multi- paradigm supporting language. The Python community is read more..

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    26 LXF195 March 2015 actionURI( Reviews Raspberry Pi 2 In brief... The latest single board PC from the Raspberry Pi Foundation comes with the spec boost that we were all hoping for. The Pi 2 is the latest in a line of products from the Foundation and can run a number of Linux distros. Specs read more..

  • Page - 27 March 2015 LXF195 27 Raspberry Pi 2 Reviews we saw 4.6MB/s, which is an 0.8MB speed increase. The Raspberry Pi Foundation have released an updated Raspbian image which includes the ARM v7 kernel image necessary to use the new CPU. Applications written for the original Raspberry Pi are fully compatible with the Raspberry Pi 2 , read more..

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    28 LXF195 March 2015 actionURI( Raspberry Pi 2 The new Raspberry Pi comes with much more power than it’s predecessors. This is thanks to the improved ARM 7 processor running four cores at 800MHz each and the generous 1GB of RAM. This increase in both CPU and RAM is a massive benefit to projects that read more..

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    Ubuntu on Pi? The biggest surprise brought about by the new Raspberry Pi 2 is compatibility with Ubuntu for ARM 7 CPU. Before the original Raspberry Pi was released in early 2012, Ubuntu was often mentioned as a candidate for the Pi, but as Canonical didn’t support the ARM 6 architecture, which the ARM 11 CPU used in the original Pi, another distro read more..

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    Watching YouTube videos is now possible thanks to Youtube_dl. Normally YouTube videos are Flash based but there are no Flash packages for Raspbian. When watching a YouTube video in the web browser, Youtube_dl substitutes the Flash element of the web page with an HTML5 compliant video. Quick tip 30 LXF195 March 2015 read more..

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    The Raspberry Pi 2 shares the same dimensions as the B+ but for those of you looking to reuse a B+ case, such as the Pibow, it’s worth noting that some surface mount components have been moved. These changes don’t affect the overall size of the board but as the Pibow uses layers to build, a new layer will be required for your read more..

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    32 LXF195 March 2015 actionURI( Raspberry Pi 2 1 Attach Pibrella to your Raspberry Pi We’ll use the big red button on the to set off TNT in Minecraft. The Pibrella fits over the first 26 GPIO pins. Never attach while the power is on! Use a blob of blu tack or modelling clay to prevent the underside read more..

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    actionURI( TECHNOLOGY, TESTED Still showcasing the best news, reviews and features but now optimised for every screen and your satisfaction. Love tech? Then visit... NE W TECH WE AR ABLES CHANNEL! The best just got better! NOW LIV E ! read more..

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    34 LXF195 March 2015 actionURI( *Only available in certain territorieactionURI( Get into Linux today! Subscribe to Read what matters to you when and where you want. Whether you want Linux Format delivered to your door, your device, or both each month, we have three great options to choose read more..

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    actionURI( March 2015 LXF195 35 Get the complete package BEST VALUE! Get into Linux today! Print + Digital Online: Or call 0844 848 2852 (please quote PRINT15, DIGITAL15, BUNDLE15) Your subscription will then continue at £38.49 e very 6 months – SAVING 17% on the shop read more..

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    36 LXF195 March 2015 actionURI( Curious about Linux but not sure how to traverse this unfamiliar territory? Mayank Sharma will help you get started so you can join the growing ranks of Linux users. T here’s never been a better time to get into Linux. It’s slicker than ever, easier to install than read more..

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    actionURI( March 2015 LXF195 37 Get into Linux he Linux installation process is involved but it isn’t actually that cumbersome. The exact installation steps are slightly different for every distribution, but in general the distro’s graphical installer will guide you through the necessary steps pretty easily. In essence, read more..

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    38 LXF195 March 2015 actionURI( Get into Linux ne of the biggest difference that foxes users coming from proprietary OSes is the lack of a consistent ‘look and feel’ to the Linux desktop. The default desktops on Ubuntu, Fedora and Mageia distros all look and behave differently from each other. We say default read more..

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    actionURI( March 2015 LXF195 39 Get into Linux Switch desktop environments You can also install multiple desktops on top of your distribution, such as the popular Cinnamon desktop. It’s available in the official repositories of Fedora and Mageia and you can install it via their respective graphical package managers. On Ubuntu, read more..

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    40 LXF195 March 2015 actionURI( Get into Linux U nlike Windows, a typical Linux desktop distribution is more ready-to-use right out of the box. Instead of shipping with basic apps, such as a vanilla text editor or a barebones drawing tool, your average Linux distro will include a fully fledged office suite and a read more..

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    actionURI( March 2015 LXF195 41 Get into Linux Grabbing Google All popular Google software, such as Chrome, Earth, the audio and video plugin for Hangouts and others can be installed on Linux. But you won’t find them in the official repos of major distros because of their licensing. However, you now have all the read more..

  • Page - 42

    42 LXF195 March 2015 actionURI( Get into Linux ost Linux distros designed for desktop users are capable of handling all types of content you throw at them. But some content, especially most audio and video, is distributed in closed formats that are encumbered by patents. The distros can’t play these files read more..

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    actionURI( March 2015 LXF195 43 Get into Linux User admin basics When Linux is installed, it’s automatically configured for use by a single user, but you can easily add separate user accounts. The superuser, root, has complete access to the OS and its configuration; it’s intended for administrative use only. read more..

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    Wynn Netherland 44 LXF195 March 2015 actionURI( Matthew Hanson talks to Wynn Netherland about the importance of APIs, testing and the joy of Ruby. Made of Wynn read more..

  • Page - 45

    Wynn Netherland Wynn Netherland has helped build the web as we know it for nearly twenty years. A prolific creator and maintainer of Ruby API wrappers, he now works on the GitHub API, as well as authoring many books. Linux Format: What are the biggest changes you’ve seen during all your time spent building the web? Wynn Netherland: Great question. read more..

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    Wynn Netherland 46 LXF195 March 2015 actionURI( We’ll measure the change and quantify it. From there we figure out how to minimise the change. That allows us to handle the change. So if you have an API end point that no one’s calling, you can remove that end point and you haven’t affected anybody. read more..

  • Page - 47

    Wynn Netherland actionURI( March 2015 LXF195 47 Going back to your empathy comments, it’s definitely useful to see how your API is being used and how it performs. WN: We have a couple of metrics on a couple of different levels. One of those is just sheer responses and the status of those responses at particular read more..

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    Wynn Netherland 48 LXF195 March 2015 actionURI( URLS and then V3. When we moved to V3 we decided we were going to start versioning endpoints based on output, not based on path. Which meant a certain HTTP header that you send in, you ask for a particular version of the resource. And here lately over the read more..

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    Thousands of tips to improve your home & wo rkplace Get more from your smartphone, tablet & co mputer Be more efficient and increase your productivity LIFEHACKER UK IS THE EXPERT GUIDE FOR ANYONE LOOKING TO GET THINGS DONE Helping you live better & work smarter actionURI( read more..

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    50 LXF195 March 2015 actionURI( Riak - NoSQL Mihalis Tsoukalos explains everything you wanted to know about NoSQL, but were too afraid to ask and discover why admins love this high-speed system. T he world of databases moves slowly (but perhaps not when transacting), so when a revolution hits it read more..

  • Page - 51

    The main advantage of a NoSQL database is that they are suited to and efficient for big data and real-time web applications. They also offer easy scalability, and enable you to implement high availability painlessly. They are also generally easier to administer, set up and run, and they can store complex objects. Additionally, it’s easier to develop read more..

  • Page - 52

    52 LXF195 March 2015 actionURI( Riak - NoSQL This is the main reason to get the Riak source code and compile it for yourself. Before we continue with the rest of the article, we need to introduce you to some terms. First, a Riak node is analogous to a physical server. A Riak cluster is a 160-bit read more..

  • Page - 53

    actionURI( March 2015 LXF195 53 NoSQL - Riak Riak offers a benchmarking tool called Basho Bench. The graph is produced with R. Data consistency Data consistency in databases is critical. ACID (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation and Durability) is a set of properties that guarantee that database transactions perform reliably. read more..

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    54 LXF195 March 2015 actionURI( Fedora 21 Jonni Bidwell dons his felt hat (but leaves his whip at home) to uncover the treasures in the new distro. Fedora 21 W e tried Fedora 20 roughly a year ago [ Reviews, p19, LXF180] and now we're trying out the latest release of the venerable distribution, which read more..

  • Page - 55

    W hile we could spend the entire article, detailing all the version updates and comprehensively enumerating all the packages with which a default install of this new Fedora ships, we shan't. For most users, everything will be sufficiently contemporary, excepting the usual gripes about official proprietary driver packages, for which there exist ways and means read more..

  • Page - 56

    each other's toes, and it's nice to have options. OpenLMI has the potential to be much bigger than just Fedora, it uses Distributed Management Task Force standards to shuffle data back and forth, and works in tandem with (rather than replacing) standard system programs. Those already familiar with the arcanum probably have no use for OpenLMI (other than read more..

  • Page - 57

    We did a grand old feature on package management [Again, see p51, LXF186] but poor ol’ Yum hardly got a mention. While it is in many ways comparable to Debian's Apt, it does have a few unique features. Yum automatically updates a local SQLite database of available packages. This means that there's no need for a separate upgrade command, so you read more..

  • Page - 58

    Dr Brown’s Administeria 58 LXF195 March 2015 actionURI( Dr Brown’s Administeria Dr Brown’s Administeria Dr Chris Brown The Doctor provides Linux training, authoring and consultancy. He finds his PhD in particle physics to be of no help in this work at all. I'm in an historical frame of mind this month, pondering read more..

  • Page - 59

    Dr Brown’s Administeria actionURI( March 2015 LXF195 59 Dr Brown’s Administeria having missed out on some of the key historical moments: to have turned on that first electric light bulb; to have witnessed the first transatlantic telegraph in operation; to have tuned in my crystal set and listened for the first time to that read more..

  • Page - 60

    Dr Brown’s Administeria 60 LXF195 March 2015 actionURI( If you’re running Windows, virus protection is something you really can’t do without and most users, I suspect, fork out for a decent antivirus subscription. Though not a complete stranger to malware, Linux suffers to a much smaller extent. Analysts will read more..

  • Page - 61

    Dr Brown’s Administeria actionURI( March 2015 LXF195 61 actionURI( actionURI( has a forlorn look; the mos t recent release is almost four years ago and the project is currently unmaintained. There is, however, a FUSE-based user space filesystem for Linux called clamfs which provides on-access AV read more..

  • Page - 62

    62 LXF195 March 2015 actionURI( Alexander Tolstoy handpicks the finest chunks of open source gold to be melted down and hammered into shape for this month’s HotPicks showcase. “Sorting your music collection in Yarock has rich options.” A smart and fast music player written in pure C++ and bound to Qt4 and read more..

  • Page - 63

    actionURI( March 2015 LXF195 63 The FFmpeg project is a mature and well-recognised one in free software circles that produces libraries and programs for handling multimedia data. FFmpeg is the backend of many popular media players, such as VLC, MPlayer, Handbrake Converter and many more. FFmpeg is even used by read more..

  • Page - 64

    64 LXF195 March 2015 actionURI( With MPS-Youtube we continue our series of command-line tools that enable easy control of your favourite apps and services. MPS-Youtube was planned as an audio player and track downloader for YouTube, but it was soon equipped with a video playback feature. The project is based on read more..

  • Page - 65

    actionURI( March 2015 LXF195 65 KWave is a sound wave editor, built with an Qt4 interface and thus fits nicely with KDE and any other desktop environment for that matter. Handling wave sound data in Linux is considered a niche occupation, and there’s a lack of high-quality editors. Audacity seems to be the most read more..

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    66 LXF195 March 2015 actionURI( HotGames Entertainment apps SuperTuxKart is a kart racing game originally started in 2004 as a free and open clone of Nintendo's Mario Kart. Since then the game has absorbed new features and technologies, as well as lovely details from many proprietary kart simulators, particularly read more..

  • Page - 67

    actionURI( March 2015 LXF195 67 There's a rare category of applications that are entertaining, delivering pure fun and joy, but at the same time are nearly useless from a practical perspective. Dustin Kirkland and Case Cook, who both work at Canonical, found a few spare hours to bring us such a totally useless read more..

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    Back issues Missed one? Get into Linux today! Quote the issue code shown above and have your credit or debit card details ready Issue 194 February 2015 Product code: LXFDB0194 In the magazine What’s the Next Big Thing in Linux OS tech? We show the hot stuff you’ll want to try. Bored of your default desktop? Take your pick of our alternatives. read more..

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    180 PACKED PAGES! THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO SETTING UP AND TRADING ONLINE DISCOVER HOW TO: CREATE A COMPANY • SELL PRODUCTS ONLINE • MARKET ON SOCIAL MEDIA FULLY REVISED & UPDATED FOR 2015 Available at all good newsagents or visit at a Available d n od oo go n ne visit r v wsagentts n read more..

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    Tutorial Xxxx 70 LXF195 March 2015 actionURI( Tutorial Xxxx using Raspbian you already will have it installed, and if you've not experienced the joy of being a turtle that draws, then you should definitely have a play with it – check the docs at read more..

  • Page - 71

    actionURI( March 2015 LXF195 71 Minecraft/Pi Tutorial Get print and digital subs See actionURI( We will keep track of the two different headings via the turtle object's heading and verticalheading properties. It can be confusing at first, but once you've played read more..

  • Page - 72

    72 LXF195 March 2015 actionURI( Tutorial Minecraft/Pi If you're turtle is travelling in the negative y direction (what the vulgar call 'down') then the diamond block which represents it will erase it's previous mark. You are free to fix this bug by caching and restoring blocks as the turtle moves. Quick tip read more..

  • Page - 73

    actionURI( March 2015 LXF195 73 Minecraft/Pi Tutorial speaking to the spring blossom that will be appearing Any Day Now. Larger branches (and the trunk) will be made of wood, just like in real life. Finally, since this can be quite a slow algorithm (calling tree(20) results in 4,096 recursive calls) we reset the read more..

  • Page - 74

    Tutorial Xxxx 74 LXF195 March 2015 actionURI( the input format out for itself (that's part of the magic) and uses the file extension to choose the output format. You can change this by prefixing the output file with an image type and a colon, like this: convert pic1.jpg bmp:pic1.gif This would create a BMP image read more..

  • Page - 75

    ImageMagick Tutorial actionURI( March 2015 LXF195 75 Get print and digital subs See actionURI( convert pic3.png -resize 1000 pic1000.png convert pic3.png -resize x1000 pic1000.png in the second example, the value is for the height – think of it as widthxheight with read more..

  • Page - 76

    Tutorial Xxxx 76 LXF195 March 2015 actionURI( Tutorial Xxxx default, /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/default and /etc/ php5/fpm/php.ini. Now, for the synopsis of each package. Motion will be used to record video after movement is triggered. The video clips will be written to a folder as Flash SWF files. However, Motion still read more..

  • Page - 77

    actionURI( March 2015 LXF195 77 Motion Tutorial Get print and digital subs See actionURI( Save the changes and open up the /etc/default/motion file and make the following changes: start_motion_daemon=yes Now, let's fine tune some options. Three changes that are needed read more..

  • Page - 78

    78 LXF195 March 2015 actionURI( Tutorial Motion Never miss another issue Subscribe to the #1 source for Linux on page 34. Displaying stored images and Flash video. Now, that you have a motion-detecting device that you can view from your local network, you can move on and make adjustments so that you can see read more..

  • Page - 79

    actionURI( March 2015 LXF195 79 Motion Tutorial All the files in the images folder are named with an event, followed by date and sequence. In order to keeps things simple and uncluttered, the coding for the shadowbox.php file will only display a single image and a single SWF file for each event. This simple read more..

  • Page - 80

    Tutorial Xxxx 80 LXF195 March 2015 actionURI( Tutorial Xxxx few limitations. Third, it’s made for love. Ghost is a non-profit organisation, which means its motivations are to support bloggers rather than satisfying investors. In this tutorial we will show you how to install and set up Ghost locally and build your read more..

  • Page - 81

    actionURI( March 2015 LXF195 81 Ghost Tutorial If you missed last issue Head over to actionURI( now! <head> , <body> tags that will be used throughout your Ghost website. In this template we input our HTML doctype, basic meta tags and head and body tags. (See default.hbs in read more..

  • Page - 82

    82 LXF195 March 2015 actionURI( Tutorial Ghost Select the newly created theme in the dashboard to activate it. You may need to restart Ghost in the terminal to pick up the theme. .mytheme_page { max-width: 980px; margin: 0 auto; } .mytheme_header { padding:20px 0; text-shadow: 2px read more..

  • Page - 83

    Up-to-the-minute tech business news In-depth hardware and software reviews Analysis of the key issues affecting your business THE ULTIMATE DESTINATION FOR BUSINESS TECHNOLOGY ADVICE IT INSIGHTS FOR BUSINESS actionURI( read more..

  • Page - 84

    84 LXF195 March 2015 actionURI( Python 3 esteemed publication, this author, whether by habit, ignorance or affection for the past, continues to provide code that is entirely incompatible with Python 3. We won't do that in this article. We promise. So let's start with what might have been your first ever Python read more..

  • Page - 85

    actionURI( March 2015 LXF195 85 Python 3 The Unicode revolution Traditionally, text was encoded in ASCII, in which each character is encoded as a 7-bit codepoint, which gives you 128 characters to play with. Some of this number are invisible teletype codes (ASCII originated in the 1960s) and once we've counted the familiar read more..

  • Page - 86

    86 LXF195 March 2015 actionURI( Python 3 If you missed last issue Head over to actionURI( now! Aleph, beth, gimel… The 2to3 program show us how to refactor our Python 2 code for Python 3. Shalom alekhem. only type supported by the primitive C locale). Python 2 also read more..

  • Page - 87

    actionURI( March 2015 LXF195 87 Python 3 The popular matplotlib module has been Python 3 compatible since v1.2, for all your graphing and plotting requirements. $ 2to3 which will output a diff of any changes against the original file. You can also use the -w option to overwrite your file, don't read more..

  • Page - 88

    88 LXF195 March 2015 actionURI( Julia are situations where you need to talk about types, so the type system of Julia is good and sophisticated. As you can probably tell, Julia is attempting to replace R, Matlab, Octave and the NumPy module of Python in arithmetic computing by counting on faster performance. The read more..

  • Page - 89

    actionURI( March 2015 LXF195 89 Julia If you missed last issue Call 0844 848 2852 or +44 1604 251045 The ~/.juliarc.jl file used by Julia is similar to the .bashrc file. It executes Julia code whenever the Julia shell is executed. $ cat ~/.juliarc.jl println("Using the .juliarc.jl fil e!") Julia is a read more..

  • Page - 90

    90 LXF195 March 2015 actionURI( Julia Never miss another issue Subscribe to the #1 source for Linux on page 34. Seeing the Assembly code of your Julia code is easy. Here’s what Assembly makes of the println() function, for instance. Most operators in Julia are just functions; therefore 1+2+3 is equivalent to read more..

  • Page - 91

    actionURI( March 2015 LXF195 91 Julia julia> r = matchall(r"[\w]{4,}", thisx3) 3-element Array{SubString{UTF8String},1}: "This" "This" "This" julia> r = eachmatch(r"[\w]{4,}", thisx3) RegexMatchIterator(r"[\w]{4,}","This This This ",f alse) julia> i = 1 # have to declare it first 1 julia> f or(word in read more..

  • Page - 92

    Win! Get into Linux today! Got a question about open source? Whatever your level, email it tactionURI( for a solution. 1 Fedora 21 package manager 2 Backing up onto DVD 3 The Case of the Disappearing Printers 4 Copying Linux Format DVDs to USB sticks 5 Dealing with Misbehaving hotkeys UEFI booting read more..

  • Page - 93

    L inux has two main tools for finding files; locate and find. The former works by keeping a database of files on your system. It is very fast, but limited to files that were present when the database was last updated. Most distros install a cron script to keep the file database up to date. Locate is also limited to searching on file names, read more..

  • Page - 94

    Star Question preset, and leave the video codec as H.264 but change the audio codec to AAC. Try encoding a short clip and see how it plays back. Then you can adjust the settings if the playback is not smooth enough for you. Once you have the settings you want, click the Save icon below the Presets list. If you want encode a number of DVDs, read more..

  • Page - 95

    Help us to help you What is this mobile broadband I keep hearing about? Is is some sort of ADSL over a mobile phone connection? Sort of. It uses the 3G mobile phone network, but the technology is not ADSL, it uses HSPA (High Speed Packet Access) which is designed for mobile use. This is the technology used by smartphones that require read more..

  • Page - 96

    96 LXF195 March 2015 actionURI( Distros, apps, games, books, miscellany and more… On the disc Fedora & Ubuntu PCLinuxOS 2014.1 A fter installing each of the distros from this month's DVD, the differences between the installers was clear. Ubuntu has a clear and simple graphical installer. Fedora, the oldest read more..

  • Page - 97

    actionURI( March 2015 LXF195 97 New to Linux? Start here ArchBang 2015.01 Are you reading this on a tablet? Download your DVD from actionURI( A lightweight distro A NAS distro ArchBang is another lightweight distribution that takes its inspiration from the excellent #!CrunchBang Linux. As the other read more..

  • Page - 98

    actionURI( 98 LXF195 March 2015 Get into Linux today! Contents of future issues subject to change – hang on, I recognise that Tor box from last month… Build a Tor box We (finally) explore how open source and a bit of electronics can create an anonymising box. Stay anonymous online The ultimate showdown of read more..

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