If laptop battery is not charging…?

What you will learn:

  1. Test the charging from control panel

  2. Check AC adaptor

  3. Problem with DC jack

  4. The connection of battery with mother board

Batteries are pretty cut and dry. So let us talk about batteries but how do you know when to replace a battery? Now one way to test this that in the control panel and in the power options you go in power meter. Here you can look that what is happening with the battery. Whether it is properly charging or not and how much charging is there.

Now if the battery is not charging, check the AC adapter. The bad or improper adapter can be a reason. If you are not using the original power adapter which came with the computer then you have to check its specs. It might not be putting enough Amps or enough voltage to charge the battery. Experience tells that it happens often. If a computer needs 4.5A, but the adapter you own are providing only 3.5A then this might be the initial problem for its charging. In this case the battery icon shows that it is charging but actually it is not. An important thing also that most AC adapters are rated in watts (time of current or Amps) so you can go higher with Amps and make it sure not to buy an adapter with less Amps. You can buy an adapter with 6A, 12A or even 100A and it can be higher than it requires keeping in mind that you must not go higher with volts. Therefore if you are putting a 25V adapter in a computer that requires 18V, it will simply ruin your computer and most probably the mother board. So the volts has to stay the same. If a computer requires 18.5V, then buy an 18.5V adapter.

Another thing that if your battery is not charging you have to look the DC jack of the computer. Often it happens that you buy a new battery and still have the problem with its charging so, simply, it’s not the battery problem but your port is out of order. There is a very easy and simple test for this problem which you can make in your home by yourself. Simply draw out your battery and if the computer is not getting on with the charger plugged in, it means that you are getting problem with your DC jack. In the other case, if the computer is getting on, you just throw your battery into the computer and if still it is not charging, pretty likely it’s a bad battery.

It is pretty unlikely that the charging system on the mother board can be bad. But this is very rare situation and it happens once in hundreds of computer. So let’s not discuss it deeply. Just mention it to understand about another fault.

Oftentimes the battery has a bad connection with the mother board. There might be rust or some other material which is making this contact very poor. So, in this case, we just have to clean the connectors with a tooth brush or with a cloth and it can run the computer. Try to use a dry tooth brush and better if it had not touch the human teeth.

Sometimes a circuit breaks on the mother board. In this case your battery will not charge and it you pull it out and simply put it back, it might start charging. If this problem is there, simply reboot your computer two or three times, it can fix the problem.

So if you have checked all the above mentioned faults and you are done with your recovery efforts then you have to buy a new battery.